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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Student Support Units

Career Development Center

Division of Student Affairs
University North, Room 214
3007 N Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901
Email: careerservices@uhv.edu

Career Development Center is the home of the Student Employment Center, a central location for students to find part-time jobs (on campus and off campus), internships, and full-time jobs.

Career Development Center serves UHV students and alumni through various stages of career development. Services can be accessed online and include:

  • Career Coaching and Guidance
  • Resume/Cover Letter Review
  • Career Management and Development through Workshops and Online Programs
  • Career Events
  • Employer Information Sessions
  • Practice Interviews
  • Online Job Search
    UHV’s Jobs for Jags! Students and alumni can post resumes, perform job searches, and register to attend Career Development Center events. Employers can post jobs, perform student searches to match students’ career interests with employers’ hiring needs. Jobs for Jags! provides automatic email notification to students about job postings and enables students to apply for jobs online.

Students and alumni can visit with Career Development Center staff located on the second floor of University North, Room 214. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00PM. Phone number: 361-570-4385.

Housing and Residence Life

Division of Student Affairs
Jaguar Village
2705 Houston Highway, Victoria, Texas 77901
361.485-4404 Fax: (361) 580-5565

The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) offers on-campus residence halls within walking distance of UHV’s main campus. Jaguar Hall, Jaguar Suites and Smith Hall offer fully furnished student units, individual liability leases, and internet. Students also enjoy amenities including a computer center, study lounges, social recreation lounge, pool, and much more.

UHV recognizes the importance of student engagement and a sense of community to the ultimate academic success of university underclassmen. Thus, UHV requires freshmen and sophomore students to reside in university housing.

Professional on-site staff are dedicated to serving student needs and arranging both social and educational activities to help them meet other residents and enjoy their college experience.

International Programs Office (IPO)

University West, Room 228
3007 N Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901
361.570-4106 or 361.570-4378
Email: international@uhv.edu


The International Programs Office (IPO) is committed in providing services and programs that support the growth, development, success and retention of international students and scholars on all aspects of their life in the United States - immigration regulatory advising and processing, cultural adjustment, social enrichment, and assistance with practical matters related to living in the U.S. IPO also acts as a center for cultural and educational programming that advances cross-cultural understanding and interaction between U.S. and international students and scholars and promotes cultural competency across the University and collaborating with departments, faculty, and staff across campus in a manner that strengthens and broadens the intercultural and international dimensions at University of Houston-Victoria.

  • Quick, easy admission to UHV
  • Accredited university with quality programs nationally ranked by organizations such as The Princeton Review
  • Excellent, talented faculty delivering high-value education
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated staff to assist you from admissions to graduation and after
  • Small class sizes
  • Outstanding preparation for your career
  • Affordable
  • Scholarships available to all students
  • Safe campus environment
  • Exciting, attractive and entertaining community
  • Job opportunities on campus

International Student Admissions

Please see the International Student Admissions section of this catalog or the International Programs Office website for Admissions information.

F-1 and J-1 International and Exchange Students


All international students who are in F-1 and J-1 visa status must follow a set of immigration regulations as outlined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to maintain the students international student status. The following rules and regulations is a guide to properly maintain international student’s status at UHV. For more information please visit International Programs Website for more information on Immigration.

Maintaining the Immigration Status

It is very important for an F-1 or J-1 student to maintain their immigration status while studying in the United States. Maintaining status means you are complying with immigration regulations pertaining to your F-1 or J-1 nonimmigrant status. Failure to maintain your status can lead to termination of your Form I-20 or DS-2019 record, and loss of your student visa. There are several important things you must do to maintain status. Please visit our website on Immigration to learn how you can maintain your immigration status.

Maintaining Immigration Documents

  • Passport: Students must have a valid passport at all times. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from expiration date. If the passport will expire soon, students must make necessary arrangements to renew the passport. In most cases the passport can be renewed from your home country embassy or consulate in the U.S. Please note: give enough time to renew your passport. Certain countries may have to send your passport to your home country for renewal.
  • I-20/DS-2010: International students must be aware of the expiration date on their I-20/DS-2019. If it is not possible to complete your academic program by the I-20/DS-2019 expiration date, students must request a program extension a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to the I-20 expiration date on the I-20/DS-2019. Students who fail to complete a Program Extension Form with International Programs Office will be considered out of status.

International Student and Exchange Students Full-Course Load Requirement

International students who hold an F-1 visa must be in compliance with the regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Enrollment in online courses during the fall and spring terms is limited to one online class within the full-course load. It is the F-1 student’s responsibility to monitor their schedule to comply with this requirement in order to maintain legal visa status while in the United States. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to termination of the student’s F-1 visa status and possible deportation. No tuition or fees will be refunded to the student in this instance, and degree completion may be delayed or indefinitely interrupted.

Drop/Withdrawal of Classes

International Students cannot withdraw from a class that results in going below full-time without prior authorization from the International Programs Office. Please do not drop a course or to receive a W in the course to avoid an impending F in the class. Instead, the student should reach out to the International Programs Office for assistance. Students who drop below 12 credits (UG) or 9 credits (Grad) do not have the option to “make up” the credits in the summer. Receiving a W at the end of the semester is the same violation as if the student dropped the course during the add/drop period.

International and Exchange students on F-1 and J-1 visa status are able to drop below the fulltime course load in certain instances. Please check the International Programs Website for more information on Reduce Course Load.

Maintaining Academic Progress

Making academic progress is very important for all students, especially international students who come to America on an F or J student visa. To maintain an F-1 or J-1 immigration status, the regulations require students to make academic progress towards a degree and towards graduation. An international student that fails to progress academically may have difficulties renewing their visa, transferring, or completing their program by the end date on their I-20 or DS-2019.

If you are an international student on academic warning, probation or suspension please visit the International Programs Office immediately.

International Students on Academic Suspension:

What it means for international students: International students are required to meet with an international student advisor to discuss what options are available for suspended international students. An academically suspended student will not be eligible to register at UHV for 1 term. If a student is suspended a 2nd time they will not be eligible to register at UHV for 1 year. International students which are academically suspended will need to do one of the following within one week of grades coming out (winter break, spring break, or early summer break):

  • Students may apply for an “Academic Appeal” with the designated school. Please contact the Academic Success Coach for additional information.
  • Students may transfer to a different school. The student must first get admitted to a different school or program and show the International Programs Office the acceptance letter and financial guarantee if applicable for the new school. The SEVIS record will remain active as long as the transfer is done in a timely manner.
  • Students may withdraw from UHV and exit the U.S. within 14 days. The student’s immigration record will be terminated.
  • Students who take no action will have their SEVIS record terminated and will be out of immigration status. Students who remain in the U.S. will be here illegally.


Graduation is the most important event of your educational pathway in the United States. If you are a student in junior standing we recommend that you plan your graduation efforts starting your junior year. Which means you will need to look in to the following items:

  • Work with your academic advisor of your course completion plan and have an idea of your final semester
  • Attend the mandatory sessions for Optional Practical Training (OPT) even though you have time to apply and the session on “Graduation and Life After Graduation” session
  • Gather your paperwork
  • Visit the Career Development Center Specialist and work on your resume, CV and cover letter
  • If you do not plan to apply for OPT, you have 60-days depart the United States upon graduation. If you plan to apply for OPT, remember to apply for OPT ahead of time and maintain rules and regulations as an OPT student
  • If your plans are to enroll at another U.S institution or enroll at a Graduate School, please have the acceptance letter from the U.S. institution or from the Graduate School or if you are continuing your education at UHV an acceptance letter from the program indicating your start date or the program 1st week in May or 1st week in December (the semester you graduate)
  • Visit the International Programs Office to discuss your future plans with one of the advisors. You can email at international@uhv.edu.

International and Exchange Student Sash Ceremony

International students will receive a Sash of the country of their citizenship to wear to the commencement. Sash Ceremony is designed for graduating international students. UHV International Programs Office will provide a sash from the country of citizenship for graduating international students. International students will wear their sashes during commencement.

International Student and Exchange Student Employment

“Employment” is work performed in exchange for compensation. Compensation can include money, room and board, or other significant benefits. Before accepting any kind of employment, be sure it is allowed by the F-1 regulations. Note that the off-campus employment opportunities generally require you to have completed one academic year (two semesters) to be eligible to apply for work authorization. Consult International Programs Office with any questions related to F-1 status and employment. For more information on employment and the types of employment for international students please visit our website on Current International Students.

Grace Period

International students and exchange students have a set of grace period regulations that must be met to their visa status.

  • F-1 students who complete an academic program or OPT have a 60-day grace period to depart the U.S., change to a different program, degree level, change institutions or change visa status (H1-B, PR). Immigration status for F-2 is dependent on F-1 student and they cannot remain in the U.S. under the F-2 status after the F-1 student has departed the U.S. during the grace period.
  • J-1 students who complete an academic program or academic training have a 30 day grace period to depart the U.S., change to a new program, transfer or change to a different institution or change of visa status (H1-B, PR). Immigration status of J-2 is dependent upon J-1 student and they cannot remain in the U.S. under the J-2 status without the presence of the J-1 student.
  • F-1 or J-1 students who have received prior authorization to withdraw from classes have 15 days to depart the U.S. after the withdrawal date. Students who withdraw from classes without prior authorization are not eligible for a grace period.

Program Extension

F-1 and J-1 students are given a specific period of time to complete the academic program requirements. For F-2 students, this period of time is shown on #5 of your I-20 and for J-1 students, this period is shown on #3 of your DS-2019. Please note the expiration date on the I-20/DS-2019. Students who are unable to meet the academic program requirements by that date must request a program extension from International Student Services before the I-20 expiration date. If the expiration date on the I-20/DS-2019 has passed, students must meet with International Programs immediately, as the student is considered to be out of status.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • The expiration of your I-20/DS-2019 has not yet passed
    • Continuously maintained the F-1 or J-1 student status
    • The delay in completion or program must be due to one of the following reasons:
      • Compelling academic reasons (change of major, change in research topics, unexpected research problems, unexpected grades, repeat courses)
      • Compelling medical reasons (documentation is require from Hendrix Health Center or U.S. licensed medical physician)
      • Must have sufficient funds to cover the additional time needed to complete program requirements, check with International Programs Office for the actual dollar amount

All F-1 and J-1 international and exchange students must visit the International Programs Office for up to date information. All J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholars must visit the Exchange Visitor Scholar website for additional information.

Study Abroad

Credit requirement for a semester/ Academic Year Abroad
Students are required to enroll in the equivalent of 12 credits per semester while abroad. Students who wish to take fewer than 12 credits, or more than 18 credits, a semester must obtain written permission from the Director of the International Programs Office.

Credit for Courses Taken Abroad

Students may earn up to 30 credits for study abroad from any combination of academic terms - semester, academic year, summer, and intersession.

As part of the UHV Study Abroad Application, students are required to have pre-approval for transfer of credit by submitting a Transfer Credit Agreement (TCA). This process must be completed by the student, academic advisor, dean, and provost for all overseas course work prior to studying abroad.  Pre-approval of transfer credits toward major and/or minor requirements is granted by each academic program in the student’s academic department(s). Final approval of credit and transfer of courses occurs after students have returned to UHV and once an official transcript is submitted from the host institution. Courses must be completed with a grade equivalent of D or better to be eligible for transfer of credit toward the UHV degree requirements. Transcripts from the program abroad should be sent to the Director of the International Programs Office for authentication. The Director will contact the students when their official program transcript has been received. Upon receipt of the official transcript the International Programs Office will submit the transcript to transfer credit specialists. Students should remember to save electronic copies of syllabi, course descriptions, reading lists, assignments, papers, and examinations. Students will need to submit these to the academic advisor for their major(s) and/or minor(s) in order to complete the credit evaluation, and the transfer of credit.

Transfer of Credits from International Institutions without Pre-Approval

Students who pursue coursework at an international institution without pre-approval may request these credits be transferred after completion. However, these credits will be reviewed and, if acceptable, will be processed as transfer credits.

Grades and Transcripts

Grades from UHV sponsored Study Abroad Programs (Exchange programs, UHV Affiliated Programs, third party vendor programs, and Virtual Intern Abroad programs) will be posted on the UHV transcript as bulk transfer credit hours.

Grades from Faculty-led programs (e.g. BUSI 4391: Study Abroad) will be added to the transcript for the semester the student completed the course, and the grade will be calculated into the students cumulative GPA.

All students on UHV approved programs (Vetted Programs and Direct Enrollment) must take courses abroad and earn a Pass (on Pass/Fail system) or receive the equivalent of a D or higher in order to receive UHV credit. Students’ transcripts reflect how credits earned abroad have been awarded toward their degree plan at UHV. Students must submit official transcript from the Study Abroad program. NACES evaluation is not required for partner study abroad institutions.

Housing Policy
University of Houston-Victoria vets and approves study abroad programs based on academic quality, cultural immersion, and health/safety practices. Housing is an integral aspect of the abroad experience in that it promotes language and communication skills and provides opportunities for personal growth. In addition, housing organized by program sponsors provides an additional layer of safety and security. For these reasons, UHV requires the use of program-established housing in home stays, residences, dormitories, or program-provided apartments by all UHV students on approved study abroad programs. Furthermore, UHV strongly encourages students to participate in a home stay experience if that option is available. Students who want to make independent housing arrangements should set up an appointment to meet with the Director of the International Programs Office to discuss options and petition for approval.

Study Abroad at Locations Under Department of State/WHO/CDC Travel Warning
Travel Warnings are issued by the United States Department of State to describe long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government’s ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. The WHO and CDC post travel warnings and alerts in the event of public health crises.

UHV does not permit undergraduates and graduate students to study abroad in locations with travel warnings. Despite this warning, if a student believes he or she has a sound academic reason to study at a chosen site, the student may file an appeal with the Provost Office to receive permission to travel and transfer credit.

Financial Structure of Study Abroad

Departmental and Exchange Programs (semester/academic year)
Students studying abroad in semester and/or year UHV departmental or exchange programs are charged UHV tuition and fees. In most cases, an additional fee is assigned to cover services that might include housing, international health insurance, visa and passport fees, emergency services, airfare and/or meals, excursions and logistical and academic support. Students are billed through the UHV Student Billing.

Third-Party Vendor Programs
Students are responsible in arranging the program and paying the necessary fees. UHV is not responsible in set-up and arrangement of third-party programs. UHV encourages students to Study Abroad through a recognized affiliated program through the university.

Additional Costs Associated with Any Program Type
Students are responsible for all additional costs that are not included in mandatory fees. Additional costs may include: housing, airfare, personal expenses, meals, visas, and other incidental expenses.

Mandatory Health Insurance
All Study Abroad students must purchase mandatory health insurance from www.culturalinsurance.com UHV recommends the upgraded comprehensive plan (WCC-UPGRAGE-TX). Proof of health insurance must be submitted to the International Programs Office.

Financial Aid
UHV extends portability of federal, state and institutional financial aid to Study Abroad Programs, Approved Study Abroad Provider Programs, and to Direct Enrollment in a University Abroad for the fall semester, spring semester or academic year. Financial aid, including institutional aid may be applied toward the cost of these programs.

Refund Policy

Students with credit balances may request a refund. Refund requests cannot be processed prior to UHV’s first day of classes for each semester.  Refund information is available at https://www.uhv.edu/student-billing/tuition-and-fees/drop-and-withdraw-refund-schedule/

Students should consider study abroad options carefully prior to making a commitment. Students who withdraw from a study abroad program after having submitted their program application and non-refundable deposit are responsible for all non-recoverable costs associated with their program. After receipt of a final billing statement from the student’s program, UHV will refund recoverable expenses, excluding non-refundable deposits. Recoverable expenses are determined by the program provider in consultation with UHV. If for any reason study abroad plans change, the International Programs Office should be contacted immediately so that the financial impact of the voluntary withdrawal can be determined.

Students involuntarily withdrawn or dismissed from a program for cause will receive no refund, may not be eligible for credit for coursework completed on the program abroad and are responsible for any costs incurred by early dismissal.

Should UHV cancel or suspend a study abroad program, we will work with students to either refund recoverable costs or apply fees toward alternate academic programs

UHV Library

University Commons
3006 N. Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901
361.570.4166 Fax: 361.570.4155

The UHV Library is committed to anticipating and satisfying the information and research needs of the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV). The UHV Library serves both UHV and Victoria College faculty, staff, and students and is open to the public.

UHV Library collections are comprised of print and ebooks, as well as access to full-text journals and research databases. Audiovisual resources include audio books, feature films, music recordings, video recordings, including streaming video services. Users can access electronic sources from both on and off campus through the library web page.

The library also provides access to various types of equipment and technology. Computer workstations and loanable laptops provide access to the Internet, research databases, reference materials, as well as word processing and other office applications. The Jax Makerspace, located inside the library, houses our poster printer, 3D printers and scanner, softbox light stands, professional video and audio editing tools, virtual reality headsets and more.

A librarian is available for help anytime the library is open. Users can get help online through chat and email, as well as on the phone and in person. One-on-one and classroom library instruction is available throughout the year. Materials that are not available at the UHV Library can be obtained at no charge for faculty and students through Interlibrary Loan. Library staff at UHV Katy provides additional assistance.

The Regional History Center houses books, photographs, manuscripts, and archives relating to the history of Texas with particular emphasis on the Victoria region.

The UHV Library is located in the newly constructed University Commons at 3006 N. Ben Wilson in Victoria. The library includes conference and group study rooms, study carrels, leisure reading areas, and space for individual study.

The Virtual Library at UHV-Katy serves UH and UHV students and faculty.  The library at Katy has computers, wifi, copiers, printers, scanners, study space, and staff assistance for research help.

Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs
University Commons, Center for Student Involvement - Suite 2202
3006 N. Ben Wilson
Victoria, Texas 77901

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a range of services related to mental health counseling for students, as well as educational events regarding health and wellness topics. If you are seeking support, it is our goal to ensure you a safe place where you are able to express yourself and your thoughts without judgement. Additionally, the Counseling Center provides consultation and training regarding mental health issues; information about the community health center and student health insurance; and referrals to other campus and community resources available to students, faculty, and staff. The Counseling Center also houses the Jags Stop Violence program, whose purpose is to prevent all forms of violence through various awareness campaigns, programs, and prevention efforts. Currently enrolled UHV students in the Victoria-area can access the Counseling Center in-person located at University Commons, suite 2108. UHV students located in the Houston-area or elsewhere in Texas can access counseling services remotely via telehealth. Counseling services are free and confidential. Please see the Counseling Center website to make an appointment or for more information.

Housing and Residential Life

Jaguar Village
2705 Houston Highway
Victoria, Texas 77901
361-485-4404 Fax:  361-580-5565

The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) offers on-campus residence halls that feature fully furnished student units, individual liability leases and internet. UHV recognizes the importance of student engagement and a sense of community as part of the ultimate academic experience for university underclassmen. Thus, UHV requires freshmen and sophomore students to reside in university housing. Professional on-site staff are dedicated to serving student needs and arranging social and educational activities to help them meet other residents and enjoy their college experience.

Jaguar Hall and Jaguar Suites are located on Houston Highway and are within walking distance of UHV’s academic buildings. Services located in Jaguar Hall and Jaguar Suites that are available to all UHV students includes computer labs with printers, group and individual study areas, recreational field, The 11:59 Lounge, JP’s Market (Food Pantry), vending machines, Campus Security and Police, Testing Services, two residential pools, fitness center, and a dining facility offering a variety of meal options. Smith Hall, our newest residence hall, is a state of the art building located directly next to University Commons and near all of our academic buildings. Please see the Housing and Residence Life website for more information.

Identification Cards

The Paw Pass is a multifunctional identification card issued by the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) and it serves as the official identification for students at UHV. The Paw Pass card offers a range of convenient features and benefits, enhancing the overall campus experience. It provides access to various services on campus, including:

  • 24-hour residential access for residents to all residence halls
  • Dining privileges for students with a meal plan
  • Jag Bucks 
  • Library access and services
  • Campus-wide printing services
  • Daily Deals for local Victoria-area discounts
  • Entrance and discounts (if applicable) to select university events, including athletic events

Obtaining a New or Replacement Paw Pass is convenient.  Submit a request for a new or replacement card on JagSync. Students must be enrolled in classes to access JagSync. After submitting the request, you will receive a proof of submission via your student email. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Then your card will be mailed within 1-2 business days or made available for pick-up. Please note that there is a $10 fee for all replacement Paw Passes, including lost, damaged, altered, or hole-punched cards. Only the issued cardholder is authorized to their Paw Pass under any circumstances.  The Paw Pass is the property of the University of Houston-Victoria and may be revoked at any time by the university. 

Shuttle Services

UHV Shuttle Services transports students, faculty and staff between our residence halls and academic buildings, as well as well other locations in town. Full details on the services provided can be found on the Shuttle Services website.

Student Center

A Student Center is located in the University Commons building. Students can enjoy comfortable seating, vending machines, jaX’s Game Hub, food vendors including Chick-fil-A and Starbucks, large screen televisions, meeting rooms, and the campus bookstore. On the second floor of the building is a Student Services Suite, which contains the Counseling Center, Disability Services, Military and Veteran Services, and Student Conduct. Additionally in the building on the second floor is the Center for Student Involvement, which contains the offices of Student Life, Student Affairs, Student Government Association, and The Den (resource area for student organizations).

Student Conduct

UHV students must follow all published university policies and procedures. The Student Code of Conduct, as well as the academic sanctions and appeals process, are available on the Judicial Affairs website.

Student Discount Program

Students are eligible for discounts at local businesses through our Daily Deals program. A discount program rack card is available in the Department of Student Life located in University Commons, Center for Student Involvement - Suite 2202. You can also find a complete listing of updated deals by visiting the Daily Deals webpage.  

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is intended to convey official university policy and procedures to students at the University of Houston-Victoria. Students should also refer to the UHV Academic Catalog, class schedules, or university officials for additional information. The Student Handbook may be accessed online. A hard copy of the Student Handbook can be requested from the Department of Student Services, located in University Commons, or it can be found on the Student Handbook website.

Student Health Insurance

A hospital, medical, and surgical insurance plan is available to all university students at a nominal cost. Information on available insurance plans for domestic and international students can be accessed on the Student Insurance website.

At the University of Houston-Victoria, students or exchange visitors who hold an F1 or J1 visa are required to have hospitalization, medical and surgical insurance which includes a repatriation and evacuation benefit. Cost for this insurance may be added to the fee bill each fall and spring term. Students enrolled for the spring term are covered through the summer term. A Health Insurance Waiver Request form is available on the International Programs Forms page for international students (F1/J1 visa holders only) who have the minimum required coverage through other sources. Students who begin enrollment in a summer term may purchase a short-term policy for adequate coverage during this period of study before the fall term begins.

Student Health Services

Students who live on campus or within 50 miles from the Victoria campus are eligible to use the student health center, Community Health Centers of South Central Texas, located at 4206 Retama Circle in Victoria, less than 2 miles from UHV. Insurance is not required but may be used. The co-pay will be no more than $25 per visit. To arrange an appointment, call (361) 576-2110 or visit the health center in person. They are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. More information is available on the Community Health Centers of South Central Texas website.

Student Involvement

The Department of Student Involvement helps students achieve their academic goals and enhance their intellectual and social development through a variety of programs. We promote student leadership, collegiality, and good citizenship. The department supports the academic mission of UHV, assures the rights of students, and ensures students get the support necessary to be successful at UHV and in their communities.

We contribute to a healthy, safe, and productive academic environment and are responsive to the needs of our diverse student body. Students are encouraged to contact us with any questions or needs they may have.

For Student Involvement questions, telephone: (361) 485-4411 or toll-free (877) 970-4848 ext. 4411
Fax: (361) 580-5506
Email: studentlife@uhv.edu

Student Lounges

The Spot is maintained for students on the first floor of the University West building. A microwave oven, refrigerator, television, copy machine, magazines, and newspapers are available for use. jaX’s Game Hub is located on the first floor of University Commons and features smart televisions for gaming, shuffleboard, table games, foosball, arcade games, and more. The 11:59 Lounge is located in Jaguar Hall and is equipped with a vending machine, arcade games, and televisions.

Student Organizations

Opportunities for the development of leadership skills are offered to students through their engagement in recognized student organizations. Students are encouraged to participate in existing service, honor, social, and professional organizations or even start one of their own. It only takes five members for an interest group to become eligible for student organization funds. More information on active organizations, policies for the recognition and operation of student organizations, and other pertinent materials can be obtained upon request from the Department of Student Life or can be accessed online at the Student Organizations website.

Student Government Association

Shared governance for students at UHV exists in the form of the Student Government Association (SGA). The mission of the Student Government Association is to serve the collective interests of the student body at the University of Houston-Victoria by promoting communication between students and the UHV Administration and providing input on university policy. The Student Government Association is a nonprofit, elected, governing body whose purpose is to promote communication between constituents at UHV to enhance the educational environment and to address specific needs of students to provide a voice to and for the student body with respect to academic, cultural, and social matters. The membership is composed of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

The Executive Branch consists of a President, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate, Chief Justice, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Public Relations, and Director of Student Organizations. The Legislative Branch, or Student Senate, consists of 20+ senator positions for students to represent the voices of their peers and classmates. The SGA office is located in University Commons, Center for Student Involvement - Suite 2203. More information about the Student Government Association can be found on the SGA website or by emailing uhv.sga@gmail.com.

Student Travel

Texas Education Code requires the regulation of certain types of student travel sponsored, supported or sanctioned by the university. UHS System Administrative Policy 03.E.08 establishes the system-wide policy for this type of travel. See UHV policy F-3: Student Travel for more information.

Study Areas

In Victoria, there are individual and group study areas in the UHV Library, as well as Jaguar Village and Smith Hall for students who reside in campus housing. At the Katy instructional site, there are a number of study areas available throughout the building.

Testing Services

UHV provides students with testing services on the Victoria campus and at the Katy instructional site. Students can schedule correspondence exams throughout the year by contacting the Manager of Testing Services at (361) 570-4285. Additionally, faculty can also refer students to Testing Services for makeup exams. Testing Services administers standardized testing for students enrolling in college or completing certification requirements, which include the TSI, TCEQ, TExES, and Nelson-Denny Reading Test. Lastly, Testing Services provides accommodations for students with disabilities. Appointments are required for every exam. Register for an exam at RegisterBlast. More information about testing is available on the Testing Services website.

Center for Student Success

University West, Suite 104
3007 N. Ben Wilson Victoria, Texas 77901
Toll free: 877-970-4848 ext. 4288
Email: sschelp@uhv.edu 

Peer Tutoring

The Center offers a free peer tutoring program for a wide variety of subjects. Though the exact list depends on tutor availability, generally the Center offers tutoring in writing, math, history, science, and computer science. Please visit the Center for Student Success website for a current list of subjects covered. Tutoring occurs in University West, Room 104.  Walk-ins welcome.  Appointments are preferred and can be scheduled through Penji.

Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who work with the Center to help promote overall student success on campus. They are active throughout campus and work closely with students to help the Success Coaches identify the needs of students in order to create activities, programs, workshops, and presentations to address student needs. The Peer Mentors’ goal is to be leaders who encourage, guide, and support UHV students. Peer Mentors also serve as an additional contact point for the Success Coaches.

Success Coaches

Student Success Coaches and Success Advisors advise all students through their first 45 hours of course work and undeclared majors until they choose a major. They visit with students face-to-face, by telephone, by Teams or via email. Students may opt to visit with a Success Coach as often as they wish.

The Success Coach/Advisor assists students with various strategies to effectively use their time and stay focused on their educational goals. The Coach/Advisor helps students make good choices and overcome academic and social obstacles. To make an appointment with your Success Coach/Advisor, please call 361-570-4288, email sschelp@uhv.edu, or use the Navigate Student App on a Smartphone or the Navigate Student Website (https://uhv.campus.eab.com/).

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that offers weekly review sessions for certain core classes that freshmen often find challenging. Supplemental Instructors are peer tutors who are embedded into courses they have already passed with an A. Taking notes along with the students in the course the SI then creates review sessions based on course content and individual tutoring in the course material.

Writing Center

The Center for Student Success provides free writing assistance and writing resources to University of Houston-Victoria students. Face-to-face or online, the Center staff reviews class papers for students.

During sessions with writing consultants, individuals may discuss a paper or document in progress. Trained tutors review these documents, discuss techniques for analyzing and revising assignments, and assist students to devise solutions to writing problems. Writing consultants also provide a similar service online and via Teams. UHV students may utilize Penji to make an appointment for face-to-face tutoring, or sign up for virtual tutoring. UHV students can also submit their papers to tutor@uhv.edu and we will review the document and offer comments and suggestions. The Writing Center also offers a writing lab, where students can drop-in and work on papers, getting feedback as they write. Please contact the Student Success Center for more information.    


The Center for Student Success offers various workshops in a presentation-style format every semester to enhance student note-taking, reading, studying, and exam-taking skills.

Examples include:

  • Canvas Basics
  • Understanding the Syllabus
  • Finding Balance
  • Readjusting to in-person learning
  • Goal Setting
  • Procrastination
  • Notetaking
  • Effective Communication
  • Exploring your goals
  • Learning Style
  • Final Exam Study Tips

Additional Resources

The Center for Student Success has a library of helpful resources concerning writing, grammar, math, and study skills. These handouts are available in University West, Room 104 and on our webpage.

Department of Information Technology

University Center, Suite 207
3007 N Ben Wilson, Victoria, Texas 77901
361.570.4390 (Office); 361.570.4399 (HelpDesk); Fax: 361.580.5569
Email: HelpDesk@uhv.edu 

The Information Technology department provides academic and administrative computing and telecommunications resources for the University of Houston-Victoria. Information Technology also supports faculty, staff, and students with audiovisual technologies including distance learning through interactive videoconferencing. 

UHV.EDU student accounts are automatically created when students apply to the university and provide access to a variety of resources such as email, myUHV, library databases, online courses, and computer labs as well as cloud-based MS Office Web Applications and OneDrive online storage. Internet access is available through the lab computers as well as via a wireless network for individuals who have devices with wifi enabled devices.

Information Technology Services at University of Houston-Victoria in Victoria 

The Information Technology offices are located on the second floor of the University Center Building. An Open Computer Lab and three Teaching Computer Labs operated by Information Technology Services are also located there.  There are interactive video (ITV) classrooms located at both Victoria and Katy facilities for remote teaching, some of which include computer workstations. Information Technology also provides Open Computer Labs in each of the residence halls. These labs can be used by all students, regardless of residency.

The Open and Teaching Labs utilize Dell PC’s running Windows Operating Systems. All of these machines can be used for word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation development, database management, and other common computer software applications via Office 365. Current software available at select workstation includes, but is not limited to: SPSS, Visual Studio, Matlab, and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. A software inventory is available at the Help Desk service window (UC 203) to identify where the software is installed. Printing resources for the lab systems include black and white and color-ink printing. Support is available via the Help Desk service window. A print allowance of $15 is in effect for all student accounts per semester. Flatbed document scanners, and handicap accessible workstations are also available. This equipment is available to all students enrolled at UH-Victoria. Wireless internet is available in all buildings for individuals who bring their own devices.

During operating hours, the Help Desk is staffed to provide support in the use of the hardware and software and provide additional information on technology resources, availability, and staff.

Information Technology Services at UHV Katy Instructional Site 

For students attending classes at the UHV Katy facility, academic computing and telecommunications services are available. There are PC workstations available in the virtual library/open computer lab located on the first floor. These workstations and laptops run the Windows operating systems and have a variety of software including, but not limited to, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and other common computer software applications via Office 365. Other software is available at select workstations. A software inventory is available to identify where the software is installed. Internet access is available through the lab computers as well as via a wireless network for individuals who have wifi enabled devices.  Printing resources for the lab systems includes black and white laser and a print allowance of $15 is in effect for all student accounts per semester. Flatbed document scanners are also available. 

The Service Desk is located in room KAB1 Room 108. Operating hours are posted at the Service Desk and in the virtual library/open computer lab. Katy Information Technology personnel are available during the facility’s operating hours to provide support for the computing resources as well as assistance for connections to the wireless network. 

For more information on technology services and support for students at Victoria or Katy, please email helpdesk@uhv.edu.