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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Student Admission

Freshman - First Time Enrolled

An applicant who graduated or will graduate from a U.S. high school (accredited, non-accredited, or home school) or earned a GED certificate must meet 2 of the 3 following requirements to be eligible for regular admission:

  • Rank in the top 50% of the graduating senior class.* (Not applicable to GED or home schooled students.)
  • Overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale under the “recommended” or “advanced” high school program, or a curriculum that is equivalent in content and rigor as the recommended or advanced program.
    Note: Students who pass the GED exam will be recognized as satisfying the 2.0 grade point average (GPA) requirement.
  • Minimum score of 18 on the Enhanced American College Test (ACT) OR a minimum score of 940 on the New Scholastic Assessment Test (New SAT) [Evidence-Based Reading/Writing & Math sections].

*Per HB588 - An applicant will be automatically admitted if they graduated in the top 10% of their class from an accredited Texas public high school within the two years prior to the academic year for which admission is sought, and an application is submitted by the published deadline.

Students who fail to meet minimum admissions requirements may be individually reviewed and considered for advised admission. To request an individual review please visit the eForms website to complete and submit an “Admissions Appeal” form to the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment.

Home-schooled students are required to take and submit either the ACT or SAT exam and meet 2 of the 3 requirements listed above.  Upon receiving test scores, the student will be assigned a class rank based on the average class rank for those with comparable exam scores.  Home-schooled transcripts must be signed by the principal.

A permanent resident alien who has completed two or more years in, and graduated from, a U.S. high school is required to meet the admission requirements established for U.S. citizens.


(Students with 12 or more semester credit hours of college credit, other than high school advanced/dual credit.)
A transfer undergraduate student must have earned at least a 2.0 (A=4.0) cumulative grade point average in all non-remedial college level coursework from a(n) CHEA recognized institutional accreditation agencies. Transfer students must also have satisfied the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirement, or shown college readiness according to the provisions of the Texas Success Initiative and UHV. Please refer to the Texas Success Initiative section of this catalog for more information regarding TSI.

A student who is not eligible to continue work at another institution because of academic failure will not be admitted to this university until he/she has met UH-Victoria’s Readmission from Academic Suspension policy:

  1. A first suspension applies to the fall or spring term, plus any intervening summer sessions, immediately following the suspension. A student would be eligible to reenroll after the suspension period.
    • Students placed on first academic suspension at the end of a fall semester are not eligible to re-enroll until the following summer.
    • Students placed on first academic suspension at the end of a spring semester are not eligible to re-enroll until the following spring.
    • Students placed on first academic suspension at the end of a summer session are not eligible to re-enroll until the following spring.
  2. If suspended a second time, the student may not reenroll for a period of at least one year (12 months) and must submit a petition in writing to the academic dean for readmission. Example: Placed on second suspension after the Fall 2017 term; eligible to reenroll Spring 2019 upon successful appeal to the academic dean.
  3. If suspended a third time, a student may not reenroll at UH-Victoria for a minimum of three years. Students may appeal to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for reinstatement after the third year. Example: Placed on third suspension after the Fall 2017 term; eligible to appeal for reinstatement after the Fall 2020 term.

University of Houston System Student Pathways

Undergraduate students from UHV or other UH System campuses may participate in the UH System Student Pathways Program by submitting the one-page Pathways application to attend to any UH System institution without applying through the ApplyTexas website. Students who choose this option may take up to six hours of coursework to apply to their current undergraduate degree plan. The courses may be taken during a single semester or in two different semesters. Currently, the program allows for a maximum of 6 hours during the student’s academic career and the courses must apply to the student’s current degree at the home institution. There is no application fee, and all university services at both the home and the host institution are available to students during the semesters in which they are enrolled in the program. At the conclusion of the semester, the student’s grades and credit are sent back to the student’s “home” university automatically. Financial aid is also available through consortium agreements among the four universities. Contact the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment for information about the process.

Transient (Visiting) Undergraduate Students (one full term only)
UHV will accept transient (visiting) students who have met the following requirements:

  • Apply Texas Application.  A $25.00 non-refundable/non-transferrable application fee will be required.
  • Letter of proof of enrollment in good standing at their home college or university or official or unofficial transcript;
  • Cumulative college or university grade point average of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on all transferable hours.
  • Limit of one (1) full term only.

Transient students are typically enrolled at another institution who may want to take a course(s) and then transfer them back to their “home” institution. Transient students considered non-degree seeking and are limited to one semester with transient status. A student who chooses to continue enrollment at UHV must submit a new application and official transcripts from all schools previously attended before being allowed to register for any subsequent terms.

Admissions Appeals

A student disapproved for admission may appeal. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. To submit an admissions appeal please visit the eForms website to complete and submit the “Admissions Appeal” form. The university reserves the right to admit any applicant on probation.

Readmission of Former Undergraduate Students

Former UHV students are required to submit:         
  • Admission application
  • $25 application fee
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended since last enrollment at UHV (if applicable)
Former students are considered anyone:
  • who has not enrolled at UHV for 13 uninterrupted months (3 consecutive terms) from their initial semester
  • with an application which has been discontinued for non-enrollment
  • who has earned a bachelor’s or graduate degree

Academic Fresh Start

An undergraduate applicant for admission who is a Texas resident may seek to enter UH-Victoria pursuant to the “academic fresh start” statute, Texas Education Code 51.931.  If an applicant elects to seek admission under this statute, the institution will not consider academic course credits or grades earned by the applicant 10 or more years prior to the starting date of the term in which the applicant seeks to enroll.  An applicant who elects to aplly under this statute may not receive any course credit for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment.

An applicant must inform the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment in writing if the student wishes to apply under the “fresh start” statute.  Forms are available in the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment.

Dual Credit Program

The purpose of Dual Credit is to provide high school students with an opportunity to acquire university course credit at University of Houston-Victoria that supports their high school curriculum and introduce them to the Jaguar experience. 

Dual Credit students are responsible for following both their high school and UHV policies and procedures found in this catalog and the UHV student handbook.


A high school student is eligible to enroll in an academic dual credit course if the student meets all college’s standards under the provisions of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test. In addition, the school district must have a valid memorandum of understanding (MOU) on file with the University pursuing Dual Credit.

Students will be assessed Reading, Writing, and Mathematics prior to enrollment and show they meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirement:

  •   351
  •   350
  •   score of 340 and 4+ on essay or a score of less than 340, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least 4, and an essay score of at least 5

TSI Exemptions and other approved scores for Dual Credit

All students in Texas public colleges are required to take the TSI Assessment unless the student qualifies for a TSI exemption. In addition, high school students can be waived from taking the TSI Assessment by submitting approved placement scores.  A high school student may be exempt or waived from taking the TSI Assessment by meeting one of the following requirements.


  • Achieve a STAAR EOC 4000 score for English II and/or Algebra I (and in conjunction, a passing grade in Algebra II course relevant to the courses to be attempted
  • Achieve an ACT Composite of 20 or higher; (Minimum 19 English and 19 Mathematics)
  • Achieve an SAT Total of 1070 (Minimum 480 EBRW and 530 MATH combined)
  • Achieve a PSAT Section Score of 460 (EBRW) and 510 (MATH)
  • Achieve a PLAN Composite of 23 (Minimum 19 English and 19 Mathematics)


A student’s first step in the application process is to meet with their high school counselor to receive formal approval and academic advising on appropriate class selection. Students should then be ready to continue through the application process:

  1. Application:  Apply Texas
  2. Student Portal:  MyUHV
  3. UHV Dual Credit Course Request: Submit a Dual Credit Course Request‌ and return the completed form to your high school counselor.
  4. Test Scores: Determine & verify student has the required test scores. If a student needs to take the TSI test, please visit the UHV Testing Center for the schedule of test dates.
  5. Transcript: Submit current high school transcript to Admissions@uhv.edu
  6. Authorization to Release Educational Records: Authorization to Release Educational Records Form
  7. Registration: Registration for classes will be processed by the Enrollment Management office.
  8. Pay for Course(s): MyUHV account 
  9. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Record: For all students under 22 years of age, submit proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination or exemption. This is only required for students taking courses on the UHV campus.

Academic profiles are created with submitted documentation and admission decisions based on that profile and accomplishments to date.  High school representatives are accountable for ensuring documentation is complete and submitted on time. It is recommended that all documents are submitted together.

Dual Credit students who wish to continue their studies at The University of Houston-Victoria after high school graduation will be considered for readmission upon application as First Time in College Freshmen and will be invited to attend the Freshman Orientation.

Excluded Courses from Limit

Courses taken by students while enrolled in high school - whether for dual credit, early college credit, or for college credit alone are excluded from the course drop limit.

Refund of Registration Fees

To officially withdraw from the university or drop a course, a dual credit student must go to their high school counselor who will then contact the Manager of Educational Partnerships. A student who officially drops a course(s,) on or before the 12th class day, during the fall or spring semester will receive a refund of 100 percent total tuition and fees.  For course drops initiated after the 12th class day, dual credit students will be responsible for 100% of the tuition and fees assessed for the dropped course(s).  Dropped course refunds apply when a student reduces their course load and remains enrolled for the semester.  A student who reduces their course load to zero hours, between the 1st official class day and the 20th class day, will be considered withdrawn for the semester and dual credit fees will be prorated for the withdrawal.  Dual credit fees will not be prorated for withdrawals processed after the 20th class day.  Tuition and fee refunds for dropped courses and withdrawals are issued in accordance with the State of Texas Higher Education Code, Section 54.006.

NOTE:  The term “class days” refers to days the university schedules classes, not the individual student’s schedule         

Dual Credit Academic Probation and Suspension

Dual Credit students must maintain eligibility by earning grades of C or better in each class to continue in the program.

Dual Credit Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any term when a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 is not attained in college-level courses. Students are not subject to academic probation until a minimum of six semester hours of UHV dual credit courses have been attempted. Students on academic probation will be allowed to enroll in the next term, but may not register for more than 6 hours of dual credit courses in that term.

Dual Credit students who enroll while they are classified as being on academic probation may continue to enroll in succeeding terms providing they achieve at least a 2.00 GPA each term, even though their cumulative GPA is still below 2.00.

Dual Credit Academic Suspension

Dual Credit students who enroll in dual credit courses while on academic probation will be suspended from the succeeding long-term if they fail to achieve at least a 2.00 GPA in dual credit courses for that term.

  • Students placed on academic suspension at the end of a fall semester are not eligible to re-enroll in dual credit courses until the following summer.
  • Students placed on academic suspension at the end of a spring semester are not eligible to re-enroll in dual credit courses the following spring.
  • Students placed on academic suspension at the end of a fall semester are not eligible to re-enroll in dual credit courses until the following spring.

Students are only allowed to return to the dual credit program after one academic suspension. Dual credit students that are suspended a second time, those students lose their eligibility for the dual credit program.

Dual credit students placed on academic suspension at the end of the spring semester of their senior year and wish to continue their studies at UHV after high school graduation will be considered for readmission after completing an appeal with the registrar. Contact the registrar’s office for more information.