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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Science, M.S.

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  1. General Admission Requirements. Admission to Graduate Studies (see Graduate Admissions ).
  2. Program Admission. In addition to meeting university admissions requirements for a graduate degree, admission to the M.S. in Data Science (MS-DS) program is based on an evaluation by the program’s admission committee of the following information:
    1. A resume reflecting work experience and educational background.
    2. A one-page essay that states the student’s reasons for applying to the program and his or her career goals and research and scholarly interests, if any.
    3. Submit official GRE or GMAT scores and have an Admissions index of 980 or higher, obtained by either of the following:
  • GRE taken on or after August 1, 2015: GPA on at least the last 60 semester credit hours times 200 Plus 15 times (Verbal + Quantitative - 260)


  • GPA on at least the last 60 semester credit hours times 200 Plus GMAT score times
  1. Evidence of having completed undergraduate or graduate coursework in the following areas:
    • 3 s.h. of Calculus/Algebra/Discrete Structures/Discrete Mathematics
    • 3 s.h. of Statistics
    • 6 s.h. of programming or data structures

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Data Science degree requires 36 semester hours. Students can choose a general, thesis, or internship track to complete the degree requirements. Students in all tracks must complete 24 semester hours of core requirements.

General track

Students in general track must complete their remaining 12 semester hours of graduate coursework by successfully completing any graduate level COSC or GMNG specialization courses.

Thesis track

Students who are academically strong and wishing to advance their knowledge and making a contribution in a particular area of data science or mathematics may choose thesis track. Approval by program director is needed for thesis track and a minimum overall “B” average in the program is required. Students approved for a thesis will register for the following courses, typically during two consecutive semesters in their second year of studies: COSC6308 and COSC6309.

Internship track

Students who prefer obtaining more industry experience before graduation could choose internship track. This track allows students to start taking internship from first semester. Student choose this track must complete 6 semester hours of internship courses. They could be a combination of COSC6105, COSC6205, and COSC6305. Program director approval is needed for Internship track.

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