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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

College of Natural & Applied Science

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College of Natural and Applied Sciences is committed to the UHV mission to provide every student educational and leadership opportunities to become a successful professional and an engaged global citizen and to make meaningful connections between their learning and their lives in a complex world through excellence in teaching, research and service. College of Natural and Applied Sciences is the place for UHV students to develop their critical thinking, to discover their interests in science, and to obtain training in Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics needed for their careers.

College of Natural and Applied Science offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Those programs provide the knowledge and skills students need to enter the workforce, make career transitions, advance in their chosen fields, or continue on to graduate school. A number of non-degree courses are offered to provide the students with an opportunity to enhance their current careers, improve their skills, pursue their interests or enrich their understanding of science, technology and mathematics.

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences strives to meet these commitments and continuously improve its offerings by:

Stressing and inculcating appropriate values and ethics, conceptual and applied knowledge, global and multi-cultural understanding, and analytical, technical, and communication skills.

Providing meaningful student-professor academic interactions, both within and outside classroom, and timely, practical and relevant advising.

Offering opportunities for experiential and service learning, such as internships, practica, laboratories, and the opportunities to serve their communities.

Ensuring educational opportunities are available and accessible through on-campus, distance learning, off-campus sites and flexible scheduling.

Hiring and retaining exceptional faculty.

Providing opportunities and recognition for pursuit of research interests integrated with education and professional development.

Assessing and revising our programs to ensure highest quality, relevant and up-to-date educational experience.

Implementing and developing structures and practices to distinguish UHV as a destination university.

Contributing to and participating in efforts to enhance UHV’s mission and goals.


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