Jan 30, 2023  
2019-20 Academic Catalog 
2019-20 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHYS 1101 College Physics I Lab - Mechanics

Cr. 1
Semester Credit Hours: 1
Class Hours Per Week: 0
Additional Laboratory or Activity Hours Per Week: 3
Course Level: Lower Division

Prerequisite(s): TSI complete in Reading and Writing, and completion of MATH 1314 , MATH 1324 , or equivalent with a “C” or better; PHYS 1301  or be concurrently enrolled.
The instructional lab component to the introductory physics course covering Newton’s law of motion, energy and work, momentum, circular and harmonic motion, heat and thermodynamic. PHYS 1101 may be taken concurrently for 1 science lab credit. The course assumes a working knowledge and competence of basic algebra.