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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

House Bill 3025

45 Hours to Undergraduate Major Policy/Reverse Articulation Requirement

(House Bill 3025) - Applies only to undergraduate students who enter the university in Fall 2012 and thereafter. Under House Bill 3025, each student enrolled in an a bachelor’s degree program at UHV shall file a degree plan no later than the end of the second regular semester immediately following the semester in which the student earned a cumulative total of 45 or more semester credit hours for coursework successfully completed by the student, including transfer courses, international baccalaureate courses, dual credit courses, and any other course for which the institution the student attends has awarded the student college course credit, including course credit awarded by examination.

A student transferring to UHV who begins the student’s first semester with 45 or more semester credit hours of course credit for courses shall file a degree plan no later than the end of the student’s second regular semester (fall or spring term). A student whose first term is summer will have through the end of his/her fall term to file the degree plan.

At each registration for a semester, a student who is required to have filed a degree plan before that semester shall verify that:

  1. the student has filed a degree plan; and
  2. the courses for which the student is registering are consistent with that degree plan.
    If a student does not timely file a degree plan as required, will be notified that the degree plan is required by law under House Bill 3025 and require the student to consult with an academic advisor for that purpose during the semester in which the student receives the notice. The student may not obtain an official transcript from UHV until the student has filed a degree plan.

Reverse Articulation Requirement

Legislation passed as part of House Bill 3025 also establishes a reverse articulation program for the awarding of an Associate’s degree. Students who transferred from, or previously attended, a lower-division institution of higher education, earned at least 30 semester credit hours for coursework at the lower-division institution, and have completed 66 semester credit hours while enrolled at a general academic institution, will be contacted by their general academic institution to provide permission to send the lower-division institution the student’s transcript. The lower-division institution will evaluate the transcript to see if the student is eligible to receive an Associate’s degree.