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2019-20 Academic Catalog 
2019-20 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Temporary Graduate Student Admission

Admissions/Other Requirements:

To be eligible for admission under the temporary graduate classification in the graduate career, a student must have at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution but not be admitted to a graduate program at UHV. An official transcript showing the completion of the student’s most recent degree must be sent directly from the institution conferring that degree to UH-Victoria.

Students who reside outside the United States to complete the graduate program may be granted temporary graduate admission status. Students who begin their program outside the U.S. and decide to complete the program in this country must be fully approved into the program to obtain a student visa, or must hold another visa type that permits study, prior to enrolling in classes. All students must provide proof of English proficiency prior to approval for admission. 

Temporary graduate students may attempt a maximum of 12 credit hours of graduate work. Temporary graduate students in the School of Education, Health Professions & Human Development’s VOICE program may take a maximum of 18 credit hours of graduate work. 

Note:  Temporary Graduate status is not an option in the School of Business Administration. 

If a temporary graduate student is later admitted to a graduate program, applicable graduate courses taken, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours (18 for VOICE students) successfully completed within the previous 10 years or the period specified by the degree program, will be included on the student’s degree plan as approved by the school.

Temporary graduate students intending to seek admission to a graduate program are officially approved temporarily into a graduate program, up to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours.  Permanent admission to a graduate program will be made on the basis of an admission index (see “Requirements for Graduate Admission ”). Temporary graduate students NOT intending to seek admission to a graduate program are considered “Non-Degree Seeking,” and are not eligible for federal financial aid funds.

What to Submit:

  1. A completed application for graduate student admission. Visit the UHV website and click on “Apply”.  A $25.00 non-refundable/non-transferrable application fee will be required.
  2. An official transcript from the college from which the most recent degree and/or course work was earned, sent directly from the institution to UH-Victoria.

Note: Some programs offered at UHV do not accept Temporary Graduate status. Students seeking admission on a F-1 student visa are not able to begin enrollment on a Temporary Graduate status. Please refer to the academic program for further requirements.

If a student does not enroll for the term indicated on the original application they must submit a Change of Graduate Program/Plan form to update their term and/or program. The form is available through eForms.